Nneko Branche

Caribbean Born; Technology Tinkerer & Next Ponderer; Problem Solver; Solutions Architect; Boundary Pusher; Tutorial Writer; Future Podcaster and Whiteboard Videographer.

Can't Find A Good Laptop in 2017

Laptop manufacturers have deliberately compromised on basic features leaving consumers unsatisfied in 2017 no matter which brand or model they buy.... Continue reading »

Virtualization with Red Hat

A whiteboard session discussing what Red Hat virtualization has to offer customers... Continue reading »

Complex Infrastructure Requires New Management

Heterogeneous environments are increasingly complex in a software defined future and require new cloud enablement managment tools like Red Hat CloudForms... Continue reading »

The Pain of Upgrades. How It's Mucked Up and Complicated

A muse about how difficult Operating System and Application upgrades can be despite all the tools for hosting and orchestration today... Continue reading »

Overview of the Open Source Subscription Model with Red Hat

A brief look at how companies using Red Hat as an example add value on top of the open source community innovation through a subscription business model... Continue reading »

Replicating with Hyper-V

A guide to setting up remote server replication in a Windows Server Hyper-V based virtual environment for disaster recovery.... Continue reading »

The New Surveillance Conversation

A look at how the debate on government surveillance has evolved since the events of Citizenfour and the revelations by Edward Snowden to now Apple vs FBI.... Continue reading »