We are building labs

A central part of our Learn by doing initiative will be labs. These will be virtual environments preconfigured with everything needed to run our tutorials. Spin them up in an instant then try, test and reset them for as long as you want.

Giving you the freedom to learn and discard a setup once you have mastered its concepts or used it to validate a trial before deployment.

Try it out in our lab

  1. Instantly spin up the environment

    All software installed and already configured for you. No complicated setup instructions. The labs are in the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

  2. Reset Anytime

    Made a mistake? Just start over from the beginning.

  3. Use it for as long as you want

    Available for as short or as long as needed. Once your done. Simply destroy it.

  4. Only pay for what you use

    Stop paying the moment you destroy the lab

Getting started

You've caught us before everything is quite ready. Right now we are putting the service through its paces to make sure that it is bulletproof. This will ensure that there will be no hiccups for pioneers like yourself on launch day.

If this type of service sounds fantastic then click "I'm Interested" to let us know. Additionally, also leave your contact details below and we will be sure to send you a reminder when it's a go. Feedback from you our readers and future users is invaluable and will make this a superb service.