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After writing blog posts and tutorials for over a year we have discovered a big problem. This process takes far too long. Furthermore, even after going through all the trouble of writing the post and creating a tutorial many readers still have trouble setting up an environment to perform the tasks detailed. This is not ideal and it is a hindrance to learning and mastering the concept.

We are a small team and we don't know everything. However, if we can solve this problem for ourselves and also share the tools this will help others to produce and communicate solutions easily. The net effect will be that the total value and impact will be far greater if we invest the time to build a platform that enables and hosts tutorials from others as well as anything produced on our own. A platform that makes learning by doing trivial instead of a challenge.

Why is this a problem worth solving? It will increase the total number of solutions available that can be shared quickly while maintaining quality. In short eliminating this issue will make the world a better place :)

Here is what we are going to do about it

We are going to develop a platform that does the following:

  1. Allows you to create or consume a tutorial easily
  2. Allows you to create or use the lab environment easily. That is it will download and install the software + record the required steps
  3. Allows you to share and rent access to tutorials you've found useful
  4. Makes everything happen from within the browser. If this takes off then make everything happen from within a mobile app as well
  5. We will still produce content and tutorials using this platform but the great idea is that over time the vast majority of the material in future will be generated and ranked by you and others like you

Do you agree?

Tell us why.

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