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Overview of the Open Source Subscription Model with Red Hat

A brief look at how companies using Red Hat as an example add value on top of the open source community innovation through a subscription business model... Continue reading »

Be Crazy To Be As Big As Chobani

Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya tells us that if you aren't crazy you won't make it but those feet still need to be firmly planted on the ground... Continue reading »

Whaat! Microsoft's Giving Software Away for Free?

Chris Capossela explains exactly how Microsoft intends to make money from Free with its Freemium Innovation initiative at the Convergence conference... Continue reading »

Yahoo! Starts Walking

A summary of two polar opposite views on Yahoo's progress and Marissa Mayer's performance... Continue reading »

Don't Focus on the Rattling Spaceship

When racing towards an audacious target everything won't be perfect. Things break and they should. Focus on the important metrics and press on relentlessly... Continue reading »

The Andreessen Guide to Career Planning

A shockingly good opinion piece by Mark Andreessen on career planning. View your career choices like the building of a investment portfolio... Continue reading »

Don't suffer with XBox Live outside the USA buy a PlayStation instead

How region blocking perpetuates under development. Microsoft's XBox Live service is one example of this type of nonsensical behaviour... Continue reading »