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Whaat! Microsoft's Giving Software Away for Free?

Chris Capossela explains exactly how Microsoft intends to make money from Free with its Freemium Innovation initiative at the Convergence conference... Continue reading »

Don't suffer with XBox Live outside the USA buy a PlayStation instead

How region blocking perpetuates under development. Microsoft's XBox Live service is one example of this type of nonsensical behaviour... Continue reading »

Building Resilient File Shares with DFS

Breathe easier by using Windows DFS to replicate file share data thus reducing the administrative burden while making users happier and their data safer.... Continue reading »

Ballmer interview. Reflections on Microsoft's past, present and future

Steve Ballmer gives us a unique insight into the strategic direction of Microsoft as well as why he thinks Amazon is not a real business.... Continue reading »

Writings in the cloud.

Document creation is also being liberated from the desktop. You no longer need to buy that MS Office Suite. Try a free online alternative today... Continue reading »