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Can't Find A Good Laptop in 2017

Laptop manufacturers have deliberately compromised on basic features leaving consumers unsatisfied in 2017 no matter which brand or model they buy.... Continue reading »

The New Surveillance Conversation

A look at how the debate on government surveillance has evolved since the events of Citizenfour and the revelations by Edward Snowden to now Apple vs FBI.... Continue reading »

How to be an Effective Solutions Architect

A description of the outcome sales mindset and personal qualities that are essential for anyone wanting to become an effective IT Solutions Architect... Continue reading »

No More Waiting. More Cheers to 2016!

Taking a moment to celebrate the start of 2016 as well as the changes in the internet TV landscape... Continue reading »

Our Most Read in 2015

The most read articles on Big Thinking Applied in 2015... Continue reading »

Have the 2015 Technology Predictions been accurate?

We made the top 5 technology predictions for 2015. Let's take a look at how far they have come and where they have left to go... Continue reading »

Blow @#!% Up!

Being truly innovative sometimes requires breaking the rules and blowing shit up.... Continue reading »