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Replicating with Hyper-V

A guide to setting up remote server replication in a Windows Server Hyper-V based virtual environment for disaster recovery.... Continue reading »

Installing CentOS 7

A basic guide to installing the CentOS Linux Operating System... Continue reading »

Oracle VM VirtualBox Configuration

A quick guide to getting started on virtualization on the desktop using Oracle VM VirtualBox and CentOS Linux... Continue reading »

The Beauty of Package Management in Linux

A brief demonstration of how package management makes installing software a breeze on linux... Continue reading »

How to access a Remote Server via SSH Port Forwarding or Tunneling

How to do SSH Port Forwarding or tunneling with Putty and WinSCP... Continue reading »

How to Chromecast on VPN the Simple Way

How to guide on using the Chromecast over VPN with two simple steps... Continue reading »

How to Rename Multiple Files on Windows

A short guide demonstrating how to bulk rename files while on the Windows Operating System... Continue reading »